After studying several PayPal alternatives we compare PayPal and the PayPal alternative Cryptocurrency as a modern and practical payment processor.

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Transaction Fees
PayPal - From 2.9 to 3.9% fee for international payments plus a fixed fee of $0.30 or €0.30.
Cryptocurrency - 0% fee plus a fixed fee of less than a cent or a few cents.

PayPal - Depends of country but can be $5 or €4 per withdrawal to a bank account.

Cryptocurrency - Several options available for any bank account.
Trade, 0.25% + €0.25. If you want to gain even more profit on the payment, this is almost always possible with this option, but means extra actions and time.

Instead of withdrawal to a bank account you may choose also to save the received Cryptocurrencies and spend at other places, this without practically any fee. For this a bank account if not even needed.

PayPal - Almost instantly when having balance available.
Cryptocurrency - Almost instantly.

PayPal - Every time a customer wants he or she can start a chargeback, dispute or claim.

If you sell goods you have a small chance of winning the case if you can provide proof of sending the product but even that is no guarantee you don´t lose your product and your money.
When you don´t sell goods but for example services you have no chances of winning the case. It does not matter if you provide proof of your work or not, you will always lose every time a customer yours chooses to and this can be done even after a half year since the sale.

Chargebacks handled by PayPal for any seller are frustrating because of the loss and besides that also time consuming because of the case you need to make.

If you accept PayPal you have to calculate that at least a part of your sells will be reversed with false chargebacks or claims.

Cryptocurrency - Chargebacks do not occur. A payment is a payment. If you choose however you are able (partly) refund a buyer anytime, fast and virtually without any fee by sending the received amount in Cryptocurrency again to the buyer.

Usability - signing up
PayPal - You must sign up and create a PayPal account, only possible if available for your country.
Cryptocurrency - No signing up necessary. Every person worldwide can just install the wallet app at any desktop, tablet or phone (iPhone or Android) and can start to receive money immediately.

Usability - paying
- First a bank account must be linked to the PayPal account, this must be confirmed and then can be paid by sending the amount to the e-mail address of the recipient.
Cryptocurrency - Paying simple and quick scanning the QR code or copying the receiving address.

Acquiring Cryptocurrency is possible at several ways and can be done also at this page:

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