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Lets ruin all together the databases of the spammers!! Don’t you think it is a good idea to fill their long lists with e-mail addresses with worthless non-existing addresses so we put up the spammers with serious problems? With Anti Spam Web you can do it!

To fight Spam with filters is today necessary but it is a fight, which we can’t win. The amount of spam is growing and growing and the moment has been come that the number of spam is more than the number of normal messages.

The best thing we can do is fight the source, the spammers it self. International laws are not able to stop spam. It is rarely that a spammer goes to jail for his illegal practices. The majority is free to go and will go on sending spam.

What can you do?

Put the simple code under this page on a confidante place on your website to show the fake e-mail addresses. The page should be reachable with a link from your home-page to let enter the spam-robot. You can adjust colors, fonts etc as you like but the text must be visible.

Immediately after the spam-robot enters your site it will automatically start searching for e-mail addresses. The robot will find the fake e-mails on your site. Because of the fact that the addresses will change after a while every time when the robot returns the new addresses will be added to the spam-database.

The more websites will put this code on their site the better it is because the spam-database will be flooded with non-working e-mail addresses. Tell your friends and contacts about this Anti-Spam action.

But the robots are getting more intelligent. Because of that a link will not work to another page where more e-mail addresses are posted to try to create an infinite loop. This technique is used on some other well-intended anti-spam-pages. But the spam-robots will recognize this fast and will not add the found addresses to their database. AntiSpamWeb does not use this technique. Under "Protect Website" you can read more about the techniques AntiSpamWeb does use to make it impossible to be recognized.

However, it is not easy to ruin the database of the spammers. We can't do it alone. The problem is too big for that. We need your help with it. The code with worthless addresses must be placed on as many websites as possible to form an effective weapon against spam. So, go on and participate and let’s all together put an end to spam. You can place the code on a suitable location on your site or you can create a special page for this.

It must be a page with the extension php. On almost all webservers this is possible today. If you can’t use php then we advice to at least put a link such as under Protect Website. Some robots will fall for it and will enter like this our site and will find the fake addresses. Other spam-robots will recognize the antispamweb-link and will not enter your site anymore. With that, our goal is also achieved. Like that, you can say your site is protected against spam.

Tips to be more effective:

1. The best you can do is to create a special page within a new folder on your site. The page you can call index.php. You can link to the name of the folder. Just as we did on our home-page to http://www.antispamweb.com/contacts Like this, the spam-robot cannot see that it is a php-page which can "scare" the bot. You can give the folder another name than in our example.

2. Don’t use on the address-page words like "spam", "trap", "fake" etc. etc. This can scare the bot. If you want to explain your visitors the meaning of the addresses then you can do that with a text within an image. If you want to help us you can put www.antispamweb.com/stop-spam.php in the text. Also you can use this image and put it on your server.

3. It is better to take care that good robots like those from Google will not enter the fake-page. This can be done with a simple file called robots.txt in the root of your web.


Like this you will achieve that the good robots will not visit the folder "contacts". The spam-robots will not respect the rules in robots.txt (in fact they don't respect any rules) and will visit the page.

Important: Besides these addresses please add also one or more of the codes on Protect Website to your website.



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php code for anti-spam-addresses on your page:

If you don't want that the addresses consume a lot of space on the page you can use this code:

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