Why not invest in Gulden (NLG)

Initially, Gulden (NLG) seems to be a particularly interesting project because of the ideas behind it, technical development and most people who are or were working on it.

However, there is one big problem at Gulden, and that is the founder of Gulden, Rijk Plasman.

At the start of the project, he obtained 60 million free guilders by means of the "premine". In addition, he sold shares for hundreds of Bitcoin during that initial period. Rijk Plasman therefore has more than enough money on both sides to be able to do with Gulden what he wants.

Because it's a small market, anyway the price of Gulden can be manipulated upwards or downwards with relatively little money at times that are favorable for those who want it. Therefore "normal" investors can only step out of Gulden almost always by taking huge losses. It is known for an investor in a crypto coin, to take the risk that you step in and out at the wrong time and thereby make a loss, or at the right time a good gain, but at Gulden something special is going on and that is Rijk Plasman.

Rijk also wants to delist Gulden from Bittrex, despite the fact that the vast majority of the Gulden-owners are opposed to this, but he still continues trying to achieve this goal. Delisting at Bittrex will most likely result in a strong fall in price of Gulden, the product will be even more limited accessable and only available at one place.

On the Gulden Slack the idea is suggested that Gulden is "of us all " and people are motivated to invest time and money in this. However, the Gulden is certainly not "of us all". It is Rijk Plasman who decides what is happening to Gulden and he has also repeatedly stated that he does not intend to give up that position. The decentralized ideal, as with some more solid cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin, is therefore very hard to find at Gulden.

Now this situation would still be acceptable for some investors if it concerns a good project with a future, if it were not that Rijk Plasman has a particularly negative way to deal with people. He looks activily for the conflict with anyone who does not agree with him for the full 100% or is stupid in his eyes and at the Gulden Slack is banning anyone who dares to be somewhat critical. There is also an alternative Slack and also a Telegram channel uncensored. He has now left both channels after the many conflicts with people. Respect for people is, according to Rijk, nonsense and he is very clear about this. He has also shown countless times that he does not have the will or the ability to do anything  to improve his behavior.

Rijk Plasman also makes no secret that he wants to get rid of everyone with an idea that does not exactly fit  his. These are people who initially have nothing against him and want to support the project. He even says that he enjoys that.
Quote Rijk Plasman:
"And I like the challenge of getting rid of a few of these people."

Rijk Plasman has the unique talent to effortlessly turning friends into enemies.

And Gulden is something that depends on public opinion and the confidence that people must have to invest money in this project, which of course makes it extremely risky.

It is extra hard for people who have secured their money in Gulden by witnessing for a period of a month to even three years and too late have to come to the conclusion that every Gulden owner depends on Rijk Plasman, what kind of person he is, and canĀ“t even can step out at a chosen time. A Miner can stop with Gulden whenever he wants and continue to support another coin but not a Witnesser, who has to wait until the money is released. As a result, Rijk feels even more but of course completely wrongly "untouchable".



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