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This service is for web editors who want to be able to post e-mail addresses on their webpage without risking getting tons of spam on that e-mail address.

What this page does is allow you to encode the email address link so that it's difficult for spam robots to recognize it as an email address. This site therefore helps important to protect your email address against spam bots trying to find it.


  1. More advanced users might prefer the Javascript Encoder over the ASCII Encoder for even better protection of your email address.
  3. If you want your link to show another text instead your email address (something like "email us" or "click here") then click on the "Text" button. 
  5. Check the "Encode but do not create link" box if you do not want your email address to be clickable.
    Use this option also if you want to encode something else than an email address.

If you are using the Javascript Encoder and wish to code a second email address, simply encode your second email address and rename the new function "antispamweb001" to "antispamweb002", "antispamweb003", etc.

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