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Everyday there are so-called spam-robots (in a fact this are programs) searching on the entire Internet, trying to find e-mail-addresses to add to their databases. After that they can send their big numbers of unwanted messages.

Put one or more of the buttons/banners in the table on the bottom this page on your website. The best place is the index-page or the most important page where spam-robots most likely enter your site. Also you can place the code on more than one page. If you administrate another kind of webpage like for example a blog you can also help to fight spam with placing a link to https://www.antispamweb.com/stop-spam.php

The result of the code is that the spam-robot will enter your site and will find fake e-mail-addresses. This way automatically the spam-database will be filled by their own robot with unavailable addresses. We use thousands of different domains owned by spammers. Because after some time the addresses will be updated with new ones this addresses will be also added to the spam database. The spammer will be forced to put your site on the list of sites which should be ignored by the spam-bot (this will be explained further on under "Fight Back").

Logical question: Are those spammers not able to validate an e-mail address?

Answer: They can do that only for a part and will cost a lot of time.

  1. They can check the existence of a domain for an e-mail address. This will take a few seconds per check but to make life hard on the spammers we use thousands of real domains (mostly of spammers and we update the list frequently). Also a part is from hotmail, yahoo, aol etc. We do this because we want it to look real for the robot. Also we do sometimes a run of addresses without spam-domains. With all these techniques we give no chance to detect anything.
  2. To check if the address actually exists on the domain is more difficult. This is called SMTP-validation and doesn’t work always. Some mailservers don't effectively support this feature, and other domains have a "catch-all" email address so all mail is accepted. This is good news for our anti-spam action. So spammers will get more and more worthless addresses which they can’t recognize. Besides that an smtp-validation can take up to 70 seconds, so if we can put up the spammers with thousands, maybe millions of fake addresses with Anti Spam Web then it will cost them too much machine-time and money to filter their databases.
  3. Besides that, all e-mail addresses will be generated in a random way. Every time we will use other texts. Also we use normal text and also the number of addresses will be different every time.
  4. After some time Anti Spam Web will generate new addresses for the anti-spam-page which will be added by the spam-robot in their databases. But the change will not happen immediately after reloading the same page where the addresses are found. This is a technique used by some other anti-spam-pages. This will not work because it is easy to recognize by the spam-robot if the addresses will be different after a simple reload. With Anti Spam Web the robot has no way to detect that it are fake addresses. But we do generate for every website who is joining under "Fight Back" immediately a new set of e-mail addresses. This way, we all together will flood the spammers with more and more useless addresses until their databases will be worthless. Because it will be too expensive and to risky for them to send enormous amounts of messages to addresses with no result.



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