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Welcome to the Anti Spam Web.

Analysts estimate that 75% until 80% of global e-mail traffic is unsolicited commercial e-mail, better known as "SPAM". Many businesses and individuals are spending an ever-increasing amount of time and money simply cleaning out their inboxes. Also the loses of machine capacity in the entire Internet is enormous. Spam can be very annoying and even fraudulent.

Despite laws of some nations against spam, the amount of spam keeps on growing because spammers will always find countries from where they can send their many billions of messages into the world. Anti Spam filters can do only for a part their job. Spammer are always searching for methods so they can’t be recognized. Besides that, an Anti Spam filter can identify a message as Spam which it is not and can be lost.

Anti Spam Web is an international action, to create a network of web sites to fight spam where it begins; the databases of the spammers.

So, if you say also, "I hate spam and I hate spammers" then participate in this unique action, help to create the Anti Spam Web. Protect your site against spam!

Support Anti Spam Web and link to us.

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